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These terms apply to the users of www.domyhomework.co

Please read our following Terms and Conditions before making use of educational services delivered by domyhomework.co. These terms are truly applicable to people of services and site visitors.

 In these conditions, the term as ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘studentsassignments’ referred to domyhomework.co. ‘You’ is referred to parent, students or guardian whoever is using the services and website.The logo and name of domyhomework.co is owned completely by us. Any section of the site is not eligible for imitation or duplication without any written consent of domyhomework.co.

 Copyright Statement
All legal rights that are mentioned in our Policy are entirely owned by us. The content material available at our site is copyrighted material and it is the property of domyhomework.co. But, you can take the printing of the entire content to fulfill non-commercial purpose. No permission is offered to person to make use of content available in the site to fulfill their business objective. We are the only authorized user of our content.

Limitations and Warranty
We are not responsible for any kind of problems or delay encountered while accessing the website. However, we are responsible for offering you with complete assistance whenever you are in need of. We are not liable for any damage of data available on your PC, system or service. We adopt reliable and well-examined software. We do not assure you with 100% problem free site, but are truly committed to offer you with professional service. We are also not liable for any failure to access the website due to link problems.

To ensure convenience to our visitors, we offer with links to different other websites that may turn out to be beneficial and useful for you. However, we do not endorse any such Websites and also not responsible for content and do not take the liberty to take responsibility regarding accuracy of data and information. If you plan to access any third party sites that are linked to this website, you are certainly doing it at your own risk. domyhomework.co reserves the right to cancel any link at any point of time.

No Unlawful Use
As per the condition of our site, you are not eligible to make use of the content or information of our website to fulfill any of prohibited action. You need to follow every terms and conditions to ensure security. You are not liable for making use of website that can overburden, damage or disable the website. There should not be any interference with other party use. You may not be able to obtain any materials through any means that can intentionally hamper the website.

Acceptance and Refund Policy
We have the right to refuse or cancel any product request for any reason. In case of cancellation of your Order, you will be notified beforehand and will advise with appropriate ways to deal with. If your Order is canceled due to payment, you will get notification and will be advised to make appropriate corrections as per need.

We do not guarantee you with refunds and are at full discretion of support teams of our Company. If you are not satisfied with the quality, then submit the dispute of support team for any further assistance.

Check more details through Refund and Cancellation Policy for Students