Refund And Cancellation Policy For Students

We from help those students who apply and come to take our assignment help or homework help services. We provide the services for the best solution of your homework; sometimes the customers desire to get refund when they need to cancel or when they get something different then the main service. We never ever say that we will not make a refund or cancellation of the work. But, it is also true that we have some terms and conditions and on that basis any refund and cancellation will take place.

All rules are subjected to authorize by our online company and we are always follow that. So, if you follow our terms and conditions, then everything will be fine to you.

When do we allow cancellation?
It is very important for you to know that when we accept any cancellation. We have some conditions as-

  • We accept a cancellation request if you inform us just within two hours of delivering our payments.
  • If you want to cancel the project that needs to be delivered within the same day when you order, then we can’t cancel even through you inform us within the two hours.
  • Other than above two conditions we are not allowed you to cancel the processing project. In case you inform the next day, we never ever make any cancel.

What are the different ways to get refund?
Refund and cancellation are little bit different than each other. If you want refund service, you need knowing the following rules that when we refund you or when you do not get it as follows-

  • When the services are not delivered due to any fault on the due date.
  • When we are not able to deliver the services.
  • You are allowed and get back the refund when the service is not provided to the customer on the prescribed date and the customer informs us to stop working. We always refund the whole amount.
  • If you not notify us even after the due date exceeds, it is regarded as our customers follow us.
  • In case you need any change or modification in your assignment or service, we are ready to provide that. But, for this revision or modification task we are not able to refund you. We are free to do any task of revision. Now, in case you want any modification, you just need to inform you within fifteen days after getting our services. There is a fixed number of times for which you can apply for a revision.

What are the terms and conditions that we follow?
What are the different terms? We follow some terms and rules that we want to obey by our customers too. Let us discuss them:-

  • Unless we get any proof or any perfect reason, we never refund you. If your proof or evidences are authorized by your institute or university, then we allow a refund value.
  • If you apply for a reason or requirement of refund is done through a simple mail, we never allow the refund value.
  • What is main purpose of your service? If you have applied for a report, then we prepare the service as a report. But, in case after delivering you say that you need something else for that, we are not able to do that. Don’t change your main or chief requirement.
  • In case your assignment is very much lengthy and we have delivered that on the due date, we do not consider any refund value in that case. You can modify in this condition when you need to get a change in this lengthy writing assignment.
  • In case of change or modification of an assignment after a fifteen days time, we charge to our customer for the further payment.

Henceforth, we always try not to provide any such service that made our customers unsatisfactory. We are confident that our provided solution are always perfect and give you a cent percent satisfaction, but in case you get any silly problem, contact us at any day and any time. Only to make you satisfy we select writers from the best institute with complete knowledge and they are highly qualified. Get our appropriate work as we work hard to maintain the requirement of our client.