Privacy Policy is completely dedicated to students and users. We ensure you to offer the secured transaction method so that none of your confidential information is publicized. The dedicated order processing servers make sure that you have the safe online transaction once the service is opted. Here is our privacy policy which needs to be read by every user of to avoid any future complications:

Access and Update Personal Information
We offer with enhanced mechanism that helps in update of personal information that is essential when it comes to our services. You can either modify or remove any personal information at any point of time just by logging into your account.

How We Protect the Information
We are committed in protecting all your information. We adopt proper security measures which can help to proper all valuable information against unauthorized access or unauthorized alteration or destruction of data. No computer system is found with assured security system and therefore, we adopt measures that can reduce the security problems to certain level. We maintain proper electronic, managerial and physical procedures to secure the information stored in our system.

Use of Your Information
Your information collected by our online help service provider is used for the following purpose:

  • Your information can help to fulfill individual needs.
  • We are dedicated in enhancing your experience and based on your feedback we improve the service.
  • The valuable information allows us to improve customer service and deliver complete support to customers.

Notification in Case of Changes has the right to modify or change the Privacy Policy at any time. In case there is a change in any our Privacy Policy, unless we get express consent from your side, such a change will only be applicable to information that is collected after revised Privacy Policy takes effect.

You can invite friends to join just by sending them invitation emails through our website. We give you the option to store email addresses that allows respondents to get added to your social network. We are not liable for selling the email addresses or using them to any other communication platform apart from invitation sending and invitation reminders.

Use of Cookies
We make use of cookies which helps to improve users’ experience. Cookies are known to be small files that service provider sends to your computer’s hard drive through Web browser. This finally allows site to recognize the present browser and hold some information. We make use of cookies to have complete understanding and save preferences for future visits. We adopt the privilege to make your site experience better.

Children’s Privacy Protection Act
We fulfill the requirements of COPRA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act). We take complete care while collecting information. We do not prefer collecting information from anyone who is under the age of 13 years. Visitors under the age of 18 are not recommended to operate the site and look for other site that may be appropriate for them. The products and services offered through our website are for people who are above the age of 18 years. Orders and purchases are designed for adult transactions and not permitted for age below 18.